Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breaking the news

May 5th, 2012 was the day that we broke the news to my parents.  I was so nervous to tell them because I wasn’t sure what they would say, especially since my girlfriend and I were not married.  In order to build up some courage, my girlfriend and I went to Miguel’s Cantina in Rochester (since it was Cinco de Mayo) and I had myself a few margaritas :).  Sometimes a little liquid courage does the trick.  I was still in shock from the news a few days ago but it was a good kind of shock.  While we were at dinner we came up with the idea of getting my parents an ice cream cake and having a message written on it (see photo below).  When we got to my parents house the nerves kicked in.  My parents never really thought that I would actually have kids.  As a matter of fact, just a few days before we decided to break the news, they told me that they actually had a discussion between the two of them about it.  They figured that since my girlfriend was really trying to pursue women’s bodybuilding/ figure competitions, and the fact that while I was married to my ex wife the thought of kids was at the very back of our minds and we always side stepped the questions when asked, they came to terms that my sisters would be probably be the only ones to give them grandchildren (my middle sister has 2 kids already).  Anyway, we walked in the door with the cake and told them that it was a very special cake and that they would love the flavor.  I set the cake down and my parents came over to read what it said.  For me, in that moment, time stood still.  As they read the cake, they stopped for a second and had to do a double take.  All of a sudden both my parents started getting teary.  They couldn’t believe the news.  They were so shocked & happy and I was relieved that the news was now out.  After we all hugged each other my sister and brother in law and their 2 kids came walking in and we then broke the news to them.  I’ll tell you, when my sister found out, she was ecstatic.   Even my brother in law was thrilled.  I actually think I saw a tear or two from him.  

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