Friday, September 21, 2012

The One Who Awaits You (Daddy's voice)

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By Jeffrey Salmeto

There’s someone out here waiting for you to arrive
He loves you so much and will always strive
To be your protector, your sword and your shield
In his arms he will hold you and his fate will be sealed

His world will forever change when he looks into your eyes
His heart will melt, and I’m sure he will cry
A sacred bond will be formed that no one can break
You’ll be his little girl, his princess, little cupcake

He can't wait for the lullabies and stories at night
Zoos and walks and playtime delight
All the fun to be had when you are finally here
The memories to make he will hold oh so dear

You don’t know him just yet but in time you will see
He's the one who's been waiting ever so patiently
The one that I speak of you'll meet very soon. 
You'll be his entire world his Sun and his Moon

The one that I speak of I know very well
As a matter of fact, I have a secret to tell
The one who awaits you, I’ll tell you it’s me
I am your daddy, and forever will be



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