Thursday, October 4, 2012

Discovering a world of information on Fatherhood

Wow!! There sure is a ton of information and support out there for all of us future dads. I pretty much spent the entire night online discovering new blogs, websites, and purchasing some books from expectant dads, stay at home dads, single dads, and pretty much every other type of dad that's out there. It's pretty overwhelming the amount of information and advice out there specifically for dads. I also found quite a bit of information on the daddy-daughter bond which I found extremely interesting. It was a good feeling to get reassurance that my role as a father is a unique and very important one. With most of the focus being on mommy both during and after the pregnancy, It kind of seemed that the dads get overlooked. I know I was starting to feel that way. It was comforting to hear that my role as dad does matter. With all this new found information at my fingertips, I hope that I'll be better prepared for the things to come. I can't believe that in 3 months I'm going to be a dad. I just can't believe it! I really am starting to have a whole new outlook on my life and my future as a new daddy. I wasn't expecting this type of change this early on to be honest. I actually thought that it wouldn't happen until after I officially became a dad. I will say though, this change within me is exciting and refreshing!

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