Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Promise

I want you to know just how much I love you so I want to make a promise to you. I will always strive to keep this promise no matter what and as best as I can at all times. I swear this on my life to you:

I promise that no matter what happens in life, I won't let you down at being the best father I can be.  I promise that I'll always be there when you need me and wherever you need me.  I promise that I'll move Heaven and Earth for you.  I promise that our bond will be unbreakable.  I promise to always love and respect you for who you are.  I promise that you can always come to me if you need someone to talk to or listen.  I promise to be a positive role model in your life.  I promise I'll never leave you. I promise to be strong for you. I promise to be gentle with you. I promise to never judge you. I promise to always protect you. I promise to always fight for you. I promise I would give my life for you. I promise to learn from the mistakes I'll make with you. I promise to always make time for you. And finally, I promise that you and I will have fun together and will create a lifetime of memories that we will always cherish.

All this I swear on my life to you little one.

I love you,


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