Monday, October 8, 2012

You're a Rutabaga! Week 27

Holy cow, you're a rutabaga!  Ok, first off, what exactly is a rutabaga?? LOL.  So I get these daily and weekly updates from The and I can't help but laugh each week when they say what type of fruit or vegetable that you're the size of.  It's just too funny :)  I guess we are now entering the 3rd Trimester and it's now a countdown to your big appearance in a few months.  Your mother and I can't wait.  Each night I think about you and imagine what life will be like being a daddy.  It's going to be a lot  of hard work but all the fun that we will have will make it all worth while.  It looks like your lungs should be developed and your brain is working.  That is so awesome!  Amen to the miracle of life!  According to the stats for this week you should be about 14"-15" long and averaging about 2 lbs too!  I love you.



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