Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Look of Love

Tonight I was sitting in the gym cafe waiting for my food and sitting at the table next to me was a mom with the absolute cutest baby girl I had ever seen so far (but, when you arrive, you will be taking her place as the cutest baby that ever existed!).  Anyway, I was just sitting there and this little baby girl kept flirting with me.  Every time I would look over at her she would just smile and  laugh.  She had the biggest dark eyes that I had ever seen and the look on her face was of pure love and joy.  It got me thinking about how good it will feel when I look at you once you are here.  There is just so much love that comes from a baby and you can always see it in their smiles and in their eyes.  I can't wait for that look of love that you will have for me.  Even though the baby sitting next to me was not mine, the looks that she was shooting me made my heart melt.  I wasn't having a great day today and none of that mattered at that very moment.  All I could think of was how innocent and loving this baby was.  Everything else just melted away with her smile.  I can only imagine how much more powerful that look is coming from your own child.  Now, what absolutely scares me with this look is that you will be daddy's little girl.  I'm going to have to build up a good defense over this look because I am sure that when you're older, it will be used against me ;-). You must understand the power that you will hold with that look.  It must always be used for good and not for mischief little one, remember that and remember it well :). 

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  1. Your right, it is a very scary feeling! Actually, THE most scariest feeling in the world. I had my son so young and the world around me was pretty much telling me I couldn't be the mother my child needed. Which is completely false! That fear doesn't entirely go away just due to the fact this child is your sponge soaking up everything you do, say, etc. BUT that love and passion you get for your child the moment you meet them. That is the fuel that helps you outlast any situation (including being a single parent) Your child will see the father you are not by being alone but by who you are with your child.. Reading your posts, I don't think you will have any problem being a great father :) Congrats!!